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One of the best Rummy online gaming sites: a review of RummyRoyal

Because Rummy games are popular nowadays, there are a lot of Rummy online gaming sites and servers available on the Internet. Even Yahoo! has room where Rummy players can play, although, of course, it is free and has very limited capacity. Of all the existing online Rummy servers today, no other name has more recall than RummyRoyal. RummyRoyal is credited as the first online Rummy community. Today, RummyRoyal is considered as one of the best in the business for its no-frill service and top-notch quality. Players who are looking for an exciting game should look no further.


RummyRoyal has attracted thousands of members worldwide because of its accessibility. Clearly anyone can download the software used for the Rummy games at RummyRoyal—and it is free! The download is quick (the download takes only a few minutes) and the registration is easy. For beginners, the RummyRoyal software even offers a basic training, so anyone can fully understand the application’s function. Even more enticing are the options for play available. For one, RummyRoyal members have an option to play the “Real Mode” or the Practice mode. With “Real Mode,” members play for money. First time deposits will be awarded a 100 percent bonus for a limited time (to as much as 200 dollars worth of bonus). But playing for money is not compulsory—members can play in the Practice mode using the initial 500 dollars practice money. This practice money is not as limited as one would think, however, since RummyRoyal members can ask for more practice money. For those simply want to watch a actual online Rummy game, interested parties can simply download the application; they no longer need to register. These options work because of several reasons. First of all, not all interested players are expert Rummy card game players. The “Practice” mode gives them an opportunity to hone their skills before they embark in actual play for money games. The Practice and viewing options can only be used by interested parties so they can gauge if RummyRoyal is indeed the Rummy site for them. This gives members and potential members the freedom to decide using firsthand information about the RummyRoyal—without actually spending money.


And speaking of money, RummyRoyal offers flexible financial terms. Members need not use credit cards—they use a money account instead. This money account acts like a prepaid or reloadable credit where RummyRoyal members deposit money into the account. This balance is the money they use to be able to pay tournament buy-ins. Members can load through Paypal, Moneybookers, and credit cards. Just the said, winning withdrawals are also convenient and flexible. RummyRoyal members can withdrawal their winnings using Paypal, wire transfer, and cheques. Paypal is the most convenient since the winnings can be withdrawn within five days using Paypal, although it is convenient in any case since the members can choose. What’s great about their financial terms is that all processes have a predetermined time period—a sure sign that the online Rummy company will definitely deliver the member’s winnings.


RummyRoyal also took the initiative to create an atmosphere that is similar to actual Rummy gaming centers. The layout of the actual room is simple but is conducive for card playing. The interface is easy to browse and the icons are easy to locate. This proves that RummyRoyal considers the beginners and the expert card players. For beginners, there is an elaborate rules list on the official RummyRoyal website. There is a list of game play flow and in-game rules for every game available in RummyRoyal. There is even a flash-based demo for those who are having a hard time following the text instructions. If this is not enough, there is an in-game tutorial for beginners. This, however, does not hinder the overall game play in RummyRoyal.


RummyRoyal offers several familiar Rummy games. RummyRoyal offers standard Gin and Oklahoma Gin, traditional Rummy, and Kalooki 40 and Kalooki 51. This gives the players an option to play which Rummy game they are familiar with. The tournaments also offer different game types for avid players of a particular Rummy game. The single table tourneys run for 24 hours, while the schedule for multi table tournaments are posted in the RummyRoyal official website. Beginners even have a choice of playing in tourneys for free—RummyRoyal has a Freeroll tournament which happens daily, weekly, and monthly. The Freeroll tournaments do not require a buy-in, although member should at least have a 25 dollar initial deposit in their money account first.


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